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Your bonus videos and downloadable resources

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As a thank you for purchasing our book, you now have free access to our video series accompaniment. These 9 short videos cover all the basics of reading music. You’ll be able to see what notes are on a stave, understand key signatures and accidentals, know different types of scales and much more! We hope you enjoy them and would be grateful if you could take a moment to leave us a review for your book.

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Course Overview

Lesson 1. Clefs

Lesson 2. Notes of the Stave

Lesson 3. Scales

Lesson 4. Key Signatures and Accidentals

Lesson 5. Musical Notation

Lesson 6. Time Signatures

Lesson 7. Rhythm and Irregular Division

Lesson 8. Dynamics, Tempo and Other Musical Directions



music theory book for beginners

How to Rapidly Read Music Like a Pro

What every musician needs to know about music theory. This book shows you that learning to read music doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be really straightforward if you know how to go about it the right way...

musicians notebook, songwriters, notes

The Songwriter's Notebook

Get started on your songwriting journey with this easy to follow notebook. With plenty of tips and space to write your lyrics and music, you'll find this notebook makes organising your songwriting much simpler. 

manuscript paper, sheet music

Manuscript paper

Handy 100-page manuscript book with additional 45-page music theory guide.


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